Celtic Hound Collars is a small family business. We are Claire and Graham and have 3 hounds; Tara our wolfhound deerhound cross, Zak our rescue greyhound and Alfie our little old rescue boy.

Our dogs

Tara is our Wolfhound Deerhound cross who arrived in summer 2005. Graham and I got Tara as a puppy as a friend's mum had a Wolfhound male and a Deerhound female and had a few little surprises arrive, who then needed homes.


Zak came from a rescue and we fostered him as a problem dog in August of 2006. he was bounced about 7 times before he came to us. We managed to bring him round and in November of that year decided that we would give him an early Christmas present and be his forever home.


Alfie is the most recent addition to our family and came from GAP in August 2008. He is an old boy and half blind (age related cataracts), but that doesn’t stop him enjoying life.


You can hear more about us in Tara's news …

Why we started making collars

Having volunteered with a few rescue charities we ended up doing some collar sourcing and although there are a lot of well made leather collars they mainly came in black or brown and we kept being asked for coloured and decorated ones. So eventually we decided that the only way to get what we and other people were asking for was to make our own.

Having made a few tests we decided that we wanted to use a good quality bridle leather and do hand rounded edges to give a good finish. This does restrict our colour options a bit, but we have been able to get black, chestnut, forest green, burgundy, red and natural in dyed through veg tan leather.

As a lot of people wanted linings so we found a nice supply of sheepskin in black and cream that gives a luxurious lining to the collars. We also do some suede linings as well.

As we also want to help out the wonderful hound charities a percentage from all items sold go to dog rescue charities see more...